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Friday, December 6, 2013

i've been a little busy!  my mantra this year became "after the wedding!"

and then after the wedding came and it was ... weird.  quiet.  so my body decided it would catch a horrible cold!  oh, you have some free time?  let's lay on the couch and feel sorry for ourself for a week.  or TWO.

then that passed, and my god.  the fabric i'd been holding on to!  the recipes i'd been pinning!  the craft days i'd been promising friends!

my sewing room exploded.  i should take a picture.  but why scare you like that?  i usually clean it up, throw stuff in my closets tuck stuff away when friends come over.  a friend stopped by recently and i guess had never seen it in all its glory!  "is this sewing desk new?"  i put all of this away before everyone comes over so there's an actual dining room and people aren't tripping over fabric cut aways.

if you follow me on facebook, you've seen some of these already.  i hadn't realized how much i missed sewing until it started eating my brains again!  like, really eating my brains.

i found an awesome pattern for christmas stockings.  and then made 7 of them with plans to make at least 3 more (one is already cut up and ready to go under the needle).

Friday, October 4, 2013

Marmalade Memories

I can't believe it's been a year!  I did finally finish the Marmalade Malady quilt.  It's gorgeous.  I mean, it's full of that 1/4 inch problem, but it's soft, it's warm, and it's in a very loving home.

I took a week off from work last November to move and get settled and use up some vacation time before the end of the year.  Oooo.  Can I just say?  And I know all you quilters out there know how delicious it is to sew in the winter compared to the summer....

...It was magical...

Anyway, so I had moved and had all this extra space to spread out and leave my projects out in the open.  My dining room is my sewing room.  I should probably get a dining room table for when I have friends over, but it all ends up working out.

What was I saying?

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Rilo Dress

i found this on pinterest last week and saved it for later.  i printed out the instructions and template and they'd been sitting on my coffee table along with some fabric i thought would be cute.

and then sunday evening hit and i felt like trying it out.

you guys, it's the easiest, cutest thing ever.

i didn't have elastic, so i pleated the top a little bit.  i made my own binding, which is what took the longest.  i think the whole thing from ironing to finished product maaaaybe took an hour.  so i made two!

for the one below, i just need to make some bias tape and attach to the armpits to tie at the shoulders.

i remember my mom making dresses for me and my sister.  it was torture seeing an almost finished dress in her sewing room.  if i'd have seen the bottom dress in her sewing room?  i would have told her i didn't need the ties and it wouldn't fall off and it looked done to me!  and then i probably would have worn it three days in a row.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little Pirate Diaper Bag

i reeeeally enjoyed making this bag!  i told my friend i would make her a diaper bag and asked her what colors she wanted.  colors.  that's all i wanted and i'd figure out the rest.  she told me she wanted a pirate bag!  i nodded and smiled.  inside i thought, this is crazy.  where do i even find pirate fabric?!

that's when i discovered how rad amazon is.  and online fabric shops.  

i found this tutorial long before i had the idea for this bag.  i knew the next messenger bag i was going to make, i wanted to use this tutorial.  

i used a lot of fusible fleece left over from making a yoga bag.  

since the layers were so thick, i didn't want to have to pull everything Right Side Out and then stitch around again.  i decided to use (gasp!) store bought binding.  it actually worked out pretty well!

the strap... i actually stole from another messenger bag i had.  one of those bags they give away at conferences.  BUT i found this nifty site and i'm definitely going to use it soon.

the bag is a hit!  it's back in my shop for some more pockets on the outside.  i insisted.  mama didn't want to give it up, i basically had to wrestle her for it back :)  it's a good thing her baby is cute.

the rest of this post is heavy with pictures.  enjoy!