Marmalade Malady

I really wish it would cool down already.  Summer isn't even here in full force yet.  But I have so many things to finish!

This is the Malady part of the Marmalade.  You can't tell from this picture (maybe you can), but the seams are about a half an inch off, which changes the whole effect.  You kind of see "behind the curtain" when you can tell how the pieces are put together.  I was so smart, changing the recipe to 4 1/2" squares and strips instead of the original 2 1/2!  I'd show them!  It'll be so quick!  Ha!

And then, as all things math related, the experts were right and my freehand long division was wrong.  

So I did a test block with the original recipe.  And the effing thing came out tiny and PERFECT.  But then I looked at it again and they're still a little off, only you can't really tell because it's more pronounced in the larger blocks I did.

Four of the small squares make up one block.  I really don't want to do the math on how many small blocks I need to make.  I'll just keep sewing until my fingers fall off?  Or I run out of fabric. Or the police are called because I haven't been seen or heard from in days and officer, it just smells weird.

I bought one of these, which will make finishing (starting?) the Orange Malady Marmalade quilt so much easier.  

I was looking forward to it.  "Once I get that tool, cutting those tiny strips is going to be so fun and easy!"  But it's still in its wrapper.  Sitting on my sewing table.  For like, two weeks.

But it's too hot. 

So a friend suggested Open Sewing.  What's that, you ask?

Only the most amazing thing ever invented EVER.  Sewing shops, fabric shops, open their doors and let you use their space!  Google "open sewing" in your area. 

I just have to take all my fancy quilting tools and actually get started.  Finished?