Green with envy

I am SO in love with Noodlehead's patterns.  I recently made a Super Tote for a cousin to take to a baby shower.  From those pictures, a friend in Washington State asked me to make her a schoolbag!  

I've been sending pictures to friends and updating the progress on  facebook.  I'm going to have to get more of this fabric because EVERYONE wanted it!  "Is it spoken for?"  "Did someone by that yet?"  "I want it can I have it?"

For the diaper bag, I used quilting cotton along with several different types of interface, to make it feel solid.  I didn't think I would need much interface with this bag since it's made with decor weight fabric.  While giving it a sturdy feel, the decor weight...weighed it down!  

I can proudly say this bag stands on her own.  Quickly sending to Washington before it conveniently gets lost!

these pleats!  kill me every time.

Back of the bag with my label.