Holy Seams, Batman

[What's this?  Two posts in one week?]

I love these organizer baskets. Noodlehead makes the best, easiest patterns to follow.  I have another pattern of hers, a bag, that I need to start, but I haven't decided on the fabric! 

These baskets are my favorite to give as gifts.  So far I've only given them as baby shower gifts, but I'm finishing one up right now to give to a friend to organize her knitting crocheting needlework yarn stuff.

This one I actually made for a friend's baby shower.  But I loved the color combination so much, I had to make another.

Check out the lined.  Up.  Seams!


Below is the basket I made for a friend.  Years ago she posted a "Pay it Forward" where you made something for the first three or five people who commented on your post.  I was one of those people!  She made me a makeup bag!  I love it so much and use it all the time!  So I posted a Pay it Forward and she signed up.  And then... I .... didn't .... make... anything.

I finally got around to making her something.  I wanted to wait until my sewing skills had developed and I was able to make her something that she would love as much as I loved the makeup bag she made me.  (wow, that was pretty good.)

I hope she enjoys it!

narrow pockets for storing needles. I put random stuff in the pockets as an example.

larger pockets on the other side.