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Hawaiian quilt.  Random placed patterns.  Solids and prints.  Different sizes.  90x90.

Whirlygig... pretty fabrics?  Humming birds, peacocks, black and white swirls?  6" squares.

Orange Malady Marmalade.  Large blocks?  Or small blocks?  So much more dramatic in small blocks.  I have enough fabric.  I couldn't finish the current project with the seams not lining up.  Gotta rip up the current blocks... or make them into a small blanket?  Wall hanging?  Start over with the smaller strips.

Orange, black, and red fabric: Bag?  Squares with solids?  Whirlies?  Whirlies would be pretty.  With red/gray alternating.

Japanese fabric: Mosaic.  Long strips?

Maggie bag: green cord? Orange, black, and red fabric?

Plusses: Solids?  No fabric yet.  Try with interfacing/piecing squares/ironing.

Hexagons:  Big hexagons.  Blue, yellow, green flannel.

Baby quilt with apple core backing.  The blue, yellow, and green flannel hexas would work perfect with that fabric!

Green Owls: Quilt circles.

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