Little Pirate Diaper Bag

i reeeeally enjoyed making this bag!  i told my friend i would make her a diaper bag and asked her what colors she wanted.  colors.  that's all i wanted and i'd figure out the rest.  she told me she wanted a pirate bag!  i nodded and smiled.  inside i thought, this is crazy.  where do i even find pirate fabric?!

that's when i discovered how rad amazon is.  and online fabric shops.  

i found this tutorial long before i had the idea for this bag.  i knew the next messenger bag i was going to make, i wanted to use this tutorial.  

i used a lot of fusible fleece left over from making a yoga bag.  

since the layers were so thick, i didn't want to have to pull everything Right Side Out and then stitch around again.  i decided to use (gasp!) store bought binding.  it actually worked out pretty well!

the strap... i actually stole from another messenger bag i had.  one of those bags they give away at conferences.  BUT i found this nifty site and i'm definitely going to use it soon.

the bag is a hit!  it's back in my shop for some more pockets on the outside.  i insisted.  mama didn't want to give it up, i basically had to wrestle her for it back :)  it's a good thing her baby is cute.

the rest of this post is heavy with pictures.  enjoy!

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