i've been a little busy!  my mantra this year became "after the wedding!"

and then after the wedding came and it was ... weird.  quiet.  so my body decided it would catch a horrible cold!  oh, you have some free time?  let's lay on the couch and feel sorry for ourself for a week.  or TWO.

then that passed, and my god.  the fabric i'd been holding on to!  the recipes i'd been pinning!  the craft days i'd been promising friends!

my sewing room exploded.  i should take a picture.  but why scare you like that?  i usually clean it up, throw stuff in my closets tuck stuff away when friends come over.  a friend stopped by recently and i guess had never seen it in all its glory!  "is this sewing desk new?"  i put all of this away before everyone comes over so there's an actual dining room and people aren't tripping over fabric cut aways.

if you follow me on facebook, you've seen some of these already.  i hadn't realized how much i missed sewing until it started eating my brains again!  like, really eating my brains.

i found an awesome pattern for christmas stockings.  and then made 7 of them with plans to make at least 3 more (one is already cut up and ready to go under the needle).

i made my sister and her new husband mr. and mrs. throw pillows.

i made a couple of A Very Purple Person's quite popular hand bag.  I don't like the pockets on the first one i made, and i threw together the second bag in a few hours for a friend's birthday the next day.  i have ideas on pockets for the next one, and perused through her flickr group and got ideas for rad fabric combinations.

i finished my older sister's quilt!  i've had it for months.  i took it apart (it was the first real size quilt i ever made and i had the wrong thread and didn't care what a seam allowance meant), ironed all of the squares, and meant to get back to it.  AFTER THE WEDDING!

i made it bigger, gave it batting, and meshed around the back of it.  it was a gorgeous day for pictures. 

i made two sets of drool straps for some friends of mine, to fit on their ergo baby carrier.  one set for mama, and another (manly) set for papa.  first time using velcro!  love it.

in the works:

i got fabric for a diaper clutch for a friend.  i'm going to make her an octopus (her nursery theme is ocean) fabric clutch, and a fancier clutch that looks like it's for grown ups.  i have requests to make a couple more for a couple other mama friends.  if only one friend would get off the chevron kick already!

i purchased this little pattern a while ago (love noodlehead!), and have whale fabric and i'm BEYOND excited for this!  it's going to be totally cute and i just read through this post and my god i have a problem and i'm going to stop listing things.

baby quilts--chevron (started), tumbler (started), rabbits, charm pack (started). 

I remembered more holiday fabric, so add another stocking to the To Do pile ohmygodihaveaproblem. 

well, it's sewing weather!


Patty Purviss said...

Sew, I really like your stuff! I've been in the sewing room too. You are inspiring me to post pictures. That quilt is awesome.

Yo said...

Post pictures!!! What are you sewing?

Patty Purviss said...

I have a ten year old stash that I carefully stored to return to someday. My goal is to sew until its gone. I have enough for several quilts, so I should be busy with it for a while. If I can get 4 or 5 small ones done, I will try to sell them on etsy or somewhere local.